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Bresnick Financial

Accounting, Tax and Payroll Services — Dan Bresnick, CPA


Identity + Branding

Bresnick Financial specializes in small, closely held businesses and handles all aspects of the accounting picture. Their services range from bookkeeping and payroll to tax preparation and financial reporting. The client asked me to designed a logo, business cards and a website.

The Ask. A website that was easy to navigate and provided information about the Bresnick Financial's services, clients, who they are, as well as links to news and updates about taxes and finances.

The Process. The client provided written content, and some loose direction. I created concept, color scheme and overall brand. I researched and sourced images from photo stock companies.  ​

The Result. A custom themed website that helped shape the brand for Bresnick Financial to provide information about taxes and finances and reach potential new clients. 

Problems + Next Steps. The site was an existing WordPress site that was a redesign. One issue that we keep running into is when the plugins are updated for the editing tool, the design has been disrupted. We will move this site to Wix to make it easier to make updates.

Identity + Branding

I wanted this logo to stand out amongst other accounting and financial firms. Upon my research many contained graphics that were very literal. (Think clip art stock charts with pointing upward and dollar signs.) Instead, I used an element from the charts and graphs I observed — the donut pie chart. I integrated the donut pie chart into the logo to depict financial information in a way that was more modern, inviting and not quite so literal. 

Bresnick Financial  business cards


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