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Carey Tedesco


I'm a certified User Experience Designer with expertise in User Interface Design, Visual and Web Design. A critical thinker and problem solver, adept at conducting case studies and empathizing with users.

With a background in Visual Design and a fresh perspective on UX/UI Design, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. I understand how to strike the perfect balance between functionality and beauty, creating designs that captivate users and provide a positive user experience.


Carey Tedesco

Carey Tedesco

UX/UI + Senior Visual Designer

"I'd like to be able to find a position as a UX/UI Designer in an environment that would enable me to work from home or hybrid in Connecticut."

Location: Shelton CT
Archetype: Creative


Carey has over 20 years of visual and web design experience and is excited to merge into the world of UX/UI design. While having been an independent designer for many years, she values the input and collaboration that comes with being part of a team. 

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and occasionally makes art.


  • Design products that are visually appealing and engaging that are user-friendly

  • Work with people who love UX/UI and Visual Design as much as she does

  • Work remotely or hybrid in Connecticut





Continuous Learner

Problem Solver

Frequently used apps







ct designlab cover no logo.png

Recent Experience

ct designlab

Design Studio

ct designlab is my Design Studio. I've worked with developers, marketing specialists, content gurus, stakeholders, design agencies, sole proprietors and independent contractors.


Client industries include commercial, financial, retail, services, healthcare, tech, media and entertainment, martial arts, art education, educational marketing.


UX/UI Designer 

Senior Visual Designer

UX/UI Design. User research, competitor analysis, design research, wireframes, page designs, low and high-fidelity prototypes, user testing, case studies

Websites. WordPress and website builder sites, custom designed sites using Figma

Identity + Branding. Logos, style guides, mood boards, brandscapes, brand books, brand boards, presentations

Print. Marketing materials, stationery suite, advertisements, books, signage, promotional items, packaging

Reviews About Me

"Carey is a talented designer, and employs her knowledge of UX/UI to any project that she does, beyond websites. She's always asking "how is the user going to interact with this product / website?", "how should that impact it's design?" She pushes others to think this way as well. She gets the job done even under pressure, and consistently sees the bigger picture. She's a valuable addition to any design team."

— Colleen Luby, VP of Strategy at Kick Health

Interested in Hiring Me?

Me too! I'm available for hire. Currently freelancing while seeking a full time position with a company full of good people. Available for hybrid / on-site (Connecticut) or remote. (anywhere!)

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