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— Elaine P.,

Writer & Grammar Police Official

"Carey is the best designer I know. I only know one designer who is my daughter."

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User Experience +

User Interface =

Design that sparkles,

UX that shines

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Such an existential question. Here's some info and then there's a whole lot more info in my profile and resume

(I know, right?!)

With a background in Visual Design and a fresh perspective on UX/UI Design, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. I understand how to strike the perfect balance between functionality and beauty, creating designs that captivate users and provide a positive user experience.

Interested in hiring me? Me too!

I'm actively seeking a full time position with a company full of good people. Available for hybrid / on-site (Connecticut) or remote. (anywhere!)

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I am an expert at spilling coffee on myself. Like, if there was a contest for spilling coffee on yourself, I would win. I'm not sure that's a reason to hire me, but it's a "fun fact". 

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My portfolio showcases the best of my UX/UI and visual design work.

The 2 portfolios are due to agency regulations, which I wholeheartedly respect.



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