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Inspired by my son who has autism and ADHD and developed in 2008, Handhold Adaptive was formed to provide apps for the special needs population to help with transitioning from one activity to the next. 

Around the time smartphones were available, we developed the iPrompts app to replace a printed method of using a "picture schedule". Using laminated printed photos and attaching them to a velcro sheet, I would organize images into a picture schedule to prepare our son for upcoming activities. Though it was a very effective tool, it was very time consuming and cumbersome to use on the go. 

HandHold Adaptive created additional apps for the special needs community and became a research based company primarily funded by federal and state grants. HHA was operational until 2018 and ceased due to a saturated market in a specialized interest area. Developing became more expensive than what we could reasonably charge for the app. All said and done, we are very proud to have created a tool that was able to help people for 10 years. (In other words... we had a really good run!)

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