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Duke Holm

Voiceover Artist



Identity + Branding

John Wayne "Duke" Holm is a native of Lewiston, Maine and has been working in the audio/video industry for 10 years. He has done work for John Deere, Bayer, Amazon, Zeiss and many more. Throughout the years, Duke’s voiceover work has included Commercials, Advertisements, Audiobooks, eLearning videos, Corporate and Marketing videos, Phone Recordings and more. 

Duke Holm home page screen capture

The Ask.

A new logo and a one page customer managed website to provided information about Duke Holm's voiceover services and obtain new clients. The client wanted a style that was authentic and tailored to his line of work.

The Process. 

I started by conducting an interview to learn about Duke’s types of services, target audience, key competitors, and keywords that described his work. In the interview we discussed fonts, colors and Dukes’s likes and dislikes in terms of style, imagery and graphics. Then I started concepts and design of the logo which helped to determine a look and feel for the website.


Once the logo was finalized, I designed a custom site using templated elements and placeholder images and content. Duke had a photographer take pictures of him based on my art direction and provided content that I organized and edited. After three rounds of edits and photo retouching, the site was finalized. 

The Result.

A custom themed website that helped shape the brand for Duke Holm and provide information about his voiceover services to reach potential new clients. 

Problems + Next Steps.

One issue that was faced was incorporating Duke's portfolio. The next step will be adding portfolio projects directly on the page in addition to the links to YouTube and SoundCloud.

Identity + Branding

I wanted this logo to stand out amongst other voiceover artists. It was important to Duke that the branding show that he has experience in the industry and shows his tone, voice, and personality


Duke Holm logo sketch
Duke Holm logo sketch
Duke Holm logo sketch


Duke Holm business cards

Style Guide

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