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KAMAS Karate

Martial Arts Studio


Identity + Branding

KAMAS Karate is a Martial Arts studio that provides instruction for kids, teens and adults. They teach American Tang Soo Do, Mixed Martial Arts & Self Defense. The owner, Master James King, has been teaching Tang Soo Do for over 20 years.

How did I meet the client? From my kids, of course. My son and daughter were both students of KAMAS during their early school years. Since I was a blackbelt (in Design), I offered to help Master King with the KAMAS website. This lead to updating the logo, designing a brochure as well as the American Tang Soo Do Association's manual. 

My kids moved on to other activities, but the experience was excellent for all. KAMAS continues to be one of my favorite clients. 

The Ask. A website that was easy to navigate and provided information about the classes offered, instructors, schedule, and a photo gallery.

The Process. Master King provided written content and I created the color scheme and concept. Beyond just the information needed, I felt it was important to add the KAMAS creed — Honesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Self-control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit. I designed a ribbon to showcase the creed  chose colors that aligned with the logo, but also spoke well to Martial Arts. ​

The Result. A custom website that helped shape the brand for KAMAS.

KAMAS Identity + Branding

Based on the logo that contains navy and purple, I enhanced the website by adding red, a common color seen throughout martial arts. Red symbolizes a setting sun and represents strength, passion, and power. That seemed pretty appropriate for a Tang Soo Do studio!





KAMAS Logo Enhancement

The original logo text was very dated. When I started working on the website design, there wasn't a vector version of the logo. I started making a version in Illustrator and showed Master King an option using a modern font as well as making the logo a circular emblem. I was thinking how great the logo would look as a patch on a Gi (karate uniform). 

KAMAS Marketing Materials

Print is not dead in a karate studio! Many people still stop by KAMAS to check out the studio and receive this lovely, glossy tri-fold brochure. I used the same style and colors as I designed on the website to stay on brand.

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