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This is the section where I tell you about myself.

Carey Tedesco

Senior Visual Designer +
UI/UX Specialist

Carey Tedesco.jpg

Hello! Like my title says, I'm a Senior Visual Designer with a specialty in UI/UX. What that means is that I am passionate about Visual Design and UI/UX Design. 

Things I do well.



Custom Websites

Template Sites

UI Kits

Social Ads

Paid Media Ads

Email Ads



Style Guides

Mood Boards


Brand Books


UI Audits

Programs I've got down.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
emal platforms
google suite

Who do I think I am?!

Brand conscious. 

I was brand conscious by the time I was 10 and it started with one commercial — a commercial for Gatorade with Ivan Lendl, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. I saw Ivan gulp down a glistening bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade while on a tennis court and it sparked something within me. I don't know if it was the Gatorade, Ivan's skill, or the beautiful tennis court, but the commercial worked and I promptly begged my mom to sign me up for tennis lessons and buy me Gatorade.


I was lucky that both of my parents chipped in for the lessons. I kind of sucked, but I looked good because I had a Prince racquet and was dressed head to toe in Nike. 

Brand obsessed. 

While she indulged me plenty, my mom couldn't understand what the big deal was about my fixation with certain brands of clothing. ("It's just a damned t-shirt!") To me, it was obvious. Why I chose one brand over another simply had to do with how it was designed, presented and most importantly, how it made me feel. 


To me, being loyal to a brand is more than just liking a certain quality or style. The brands that continue to draw me in are the ones that make me feel something positive. I've never been attracted to Prada or Louis Vuitton, because the vibe from the brands evoke just isn't me. I can see their luxurious appeal and quality, but I'm just more of a J. Crew-Birkenstock-Lucky Brand Jeans-Vans kind of a chick. (preppy-boho-chic-punk?)



Design is my passion. 

Could I sound more like a walking cliché? Yes. Yes, I can. Here's why... I've been a Visual Designer for most of my life, which just unto itself says a lot. With each project, I endeavor to challenge myself by incorporating the latest industry trends while being cognizant of client needs and expectations. My final designs are contemporary yet timeless — a testament to my expertise and commitment to my love of design. 

UI/UX Design is a part of my persona. 
What I love most about UI/UX Design is how it enables me to take all of who I am and put it into one space — Love of design (check), psychology and sociology (check), being detail focused (just a little bit...), problem solving (yep!), and making others feel good (always.)

Creating a good experience for someone visiting a website, using an app or product, is what makes me tick. Good UI/UX Design is important and effective in ways we may not think about. In retail, it's getting things at the right price because the coupon code was easy to find. For everyday life, it can be critical, especially when it comes to healthcare and finances. Having a positive user experience is being able to go about your day in the digital world with ease to the point you don't even think about it. My job is to make that happen.

coffee spill 2.jpg

Me at Work.

I love being part of a team!

Whether I'm working with a Creative team, internal teams or an external client team, you're on my team.

I try to think before I design.

I try to take the time to define and ideate before designing. Sometimes that's not possible with a tight deadline, but it's always my goal.

I think feedback is critical. 
Constructive feedback is so important because I think it helps us to grow personally and professionally. It's how I've learned so much throughout my career and try to pay it forward.

I will always keep learning.

There's no age limit for learning and finding inspiration when it comes to critical thinking and design.

I am human. “Choose curiosity over judgment”. Sounds simple enough, right? It’s easy for all of us to get behind our screens and make speculations about one another's decisions. I find that asking questions, communicating effectively, and remembering that we are all human is what makes me most effective.

I've witnessed it first hand. Carey definitely spills a lot of coffee on herself. It's just sad.

— Ryan E.,

Senior Graphic Designer

who swears almost

as much as I do.


Yeah, I worked with Carey. She tried to steal my Starbursts. That's all I have to say.

— Corey H.,

Associate Creative Director

and Resident Doofus

I worked on several projects with Carey. I taught her how to yeet and yoink, but never a the same time because that's impossible. 

— Veronika Zhikhasomething,

Senior Graphic Designer

She told me about that cat. My dog would NEVER act like that. He's too busy running away so I look like an insane person chasing after my dog every other day in my neighborhood. 

— Kate G.,

Senior Graphic Designer and mother to Ollie

(God help her)

Conversation starters.

I'm a named inventor on a United States patent!

Package Designer of 3 movies
in The Criterion Collection

I have a background in fine arts...
and sometimes still paint!

Parent to 2 teenage humans
(I live in hormonal hell.)

I have 1 dog and 1 cat
(She's a jerk. The cat, not the dog.)

I'm currently seeking a full-time position so I can strut my stuff. I'm available for hybrid / on-site (Connecticut preferred) or remote. (anywhere!)

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