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EduNetwork Partners

Corporate Social Responsibility Program Coordinators


Identity + Branding

EduNetwork Partners provides turn-key programs to assist corporations with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives from STEM to financial literacy and outreach programs. Through EduNetwork Partners, corporations are connected with educators, youth organizations, students and parents for marketing and education purposes. 

The Ask. A website that was easy to navigate and provided information about the EduNetworks Partners' services, clients, who they are, as well as activities and links to educational partner sites. The direction provided was to make the logo speak to education and marketing... fun but not too child-like.

The Process. The client provided written content, images for clients and activity pdfs. I created the color scheme, concept and overall brand. I researched and sourced images from photo stock companies and created collages for the majority of the client portfolio. ​

The Result. A custom website that helped shape the brand for EduNetwork Partners and help them attract more clients. 

Identity + Branding

When I first did research, there were only a handful of organizations for competitor analysis. Part of my research entailed finding logos in the "education" field. I knew I wanted a pictorial mark, and started by playing around with the "E" in EduNetwork. The obvious symbol for me when it comes to education is a book or books. I started stacking lines and voilà, I found a way to stack the lines so that they represented both a stack of books and also an "E".

Trust  |  Loyalty  |  Competence

Quality  |  Focus  |  Learning


Hope  |  Innocence  |  Clarity


image of EduNetwork Partners business cards
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