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Oma's Pride

Pet Food Company



Brand Book

Oma’s Pride is a complete line of natural pet food products made expressly for people feeding raw diets to their pets. Oma's Pride products have been manufactured in and distributed from our USDA-inspected facility for over 20 years. They provide top quality, innovative products and educate those invested in the well-being of animals about the benefits of a raw, all natural pet food diet.


I was tasked with creating a Brandscape that would be used to create a Brand Book. The purpose was of this project was to research and provide assets for the Brand Book which would then be used as a guide for the UI of the client's e-commerce site. 

A brandscape is like it sounds
— a branding landscape.

We look at the overall industry space and find competitors that closely match the client. We do this to determine potential problems and solutions in the client's design and messaging.

Oma's Pride Brand Board main image

The elements of creating a brandscape include boards that show the current existing brand, competitive landscape, inspiration and direction.