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Carmody Law is one Connecticut's leading law firms with a focus on excellence and cost-effective legal services. Carmody is a mid-size law firm with offices in five locations throughout Connecticut. 

The Ask. A redesign of the firm's existing website. is a content heavy website that provides information about the firm. I was tasked with creating wireframes, the user interface designs and a Mood Board.


The Mood Board was shared with the client so we could determine the style of typography, photography, and the color palette. The previous Carmody site was very bold and had a too much orange from the logo. To the client, it didn't feel like an accurate representation of the firm and they hired Rebel to create a site that was more sophisticated, both technically and aesthetically. 

The Process. The Carmody site is very large and complex so it required a lot of thought around how it was structured. I consulted with a UX Design Expert, the Dev lead, and the WCAG specialist at Rebel during wireframing. My wireframes were high-fidelity which made it easier to tackle the Ui when it came time to design the UI. (19 + pages... I lost count!) I annotated my designs and created a style sheet for Dev. Once the site was built, I was a part of the QA process until launch. I'm simplifying it here, but this project was actually a bit of a behemoth and took 6 months to finalize, build, QA and launch.

The Result. A Mood Board that acted as a style guide for the client and a custom WordPress website that was a better user experience. 




Mood Board

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